RIKOTA / RIKOTA is a trusted clinic

We are working with the high quality materials. The RIKOTA clinic is the golden provider of Straumann in Ukraine, Swiss implants with a lifetime warranty and the world’s highest inclining indicators. We are one of the first in Ukraine who used the digital technology in dentistry and is the reference clinic of SIRONA, the world leader in digital technology. This allows to make the implantation according to the most advanced treatment protocols: 3D diagnostics, 3D templates for implants, CAD / CAM technology for the production of individual abutments and crowns. The RIKOTA clinic ranked first in the ranking of the best Ukrainian clinics for dental implants under the version of „Dental Implants Friends” in the „BEST DENTAL IMPLANTS CLINIC RATING 2017” rating. We provide the whole range of dental services necessary for dental implantation in one clinic – from computer tomography to  own dental laboratory, which saves time, simplifies the process of treatment and improves its quality.

How is dental implantation going?

Dental implants can completely restore the lost tooth, or the entire jaw. The implant consists of two parts: the root portion, which is fixed in the bone of the jaw, and the crown, which, in turn, is fixed to the root. In the clinic RIKOTA, we use the technology of one-stage implantation (in the morning, the implant is installed (the duration of the procedure is up to 1 hour), and  the crown is fixed in the evening (until 30 minutes) on the same day). After the implantation we fix the temporary crown to become a good  integration between the implant and the bone. Integration lasts from three to six months (for the upper jaw requires more time, for the lower one it is less). After that, the temporary crown can be changed to a constant one. We invite you to consult with the RIKOTA dental clinic doctor in order to consider your case and prepare a detailed treatment plan.

What changes occur after dental loss?

It is believed that living without a tooth or several teeth is not harmful to health, but creates only aesthetic problems. In fact, this is a myth. Losing even one tooth leads to the big harm for your health:

  • Without getting the load, the maxillary bone is atrophied;
  • Teeth are replaced, which are opposite;
  • The adjoining teeth are shifted, filling the gap;
  • Worsening of the functions of chewing and digestion;
  • The shape of the face changes, natural height decreases;
  • In the absence of many teeth, nasolabial folds may appear that look like wrinkles and aging people; Neighboring teeth begin to spoil due to bias and damage to the teeth on the opposite jaw.

RIKOTA clinic implantologists

Rikota Andriy – head of the Lviv branch of the Association of Implantologists of Ukraine in 2013-2015. Had the internship and specialized training in leading medical institutions in Poland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Israel, attended numerous conferences. Patented the invention – the industrial design „Dental Implant”. Tomyshchsh Oleksa –  a member of the Association of Implantologists and Dentists, the head of the clinical part of the clinic RIKOTA / RIKOTA. Attended European and American lectures, trained in implantation and prosthetics at Straumann in Basel (Switzerland).


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