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A beautiful smile is a compulsory component of a modern man’ image. Regardless of the fact whether you are an outgoing person or not, crystal clear teeth will make you feel more confident and create a good impression on the people around you: starting with your colleagues to the members of your family.

A dental clinic RIKOTA dental clinic offers you two ways of teeth whitening: in-office and home whitening.

Office whitening is the one which is conducted at the doctor’s. For this type of whitening specialists of RIKOTA dental clinic apply a system BEYOND (especially arranged lamp and gel with a unique formulae which ensure a perfect result of teeth whitening and also provide the teeth with calcium ions). The process of office whitening takes up to 2 hours. After the procedure you observe an immediate result! After the office whitening a patient receives the caps to keep the result. Such caps are produced for personal order with individual teeth prints.

it is recommended to follow 2-4 weeks of «white diet» –to consume only those products which will not paint your teeth: rice, potatoes, etc. You should also keep from smoking and consuming food which contains the barbs (berries, juice, wine, coffee, black tea, carrots, beat root, etc.)

Doctors of the RICOTA Clinic who perform the service:

Iryna Antishko

dental therapist, periodontist

Khrystyna Dutchak

dental therapist

Yaryna-Mariia Nyz

children's dentist, dental therapist

Prices for professional office bleaching at RICOTA Clinic:

Bleaching by Beyond 1 visit, 2 hours 6 800 uah
Bleaching (1 tooth) 1 visit, 30 minutes 1 000 uah

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