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The advantages of metal-free fillings

We respect our patients and thus don’t use outdated methods, such as metal ceramic dental crowns. Metal-free dental crowns look completely natural. The reason behind this natural look lies in the absence of a metal frame, allowing the metal-free ceramic crowns to perfectly imitate the color, texture and transparency of the natural tooth enamel.

The advantages of ceramic dental crowns. In addition to the undoubtedly perfect exterior, metal-free ceramic crowns have other significant advantages:

  • metal-free ceramics are produced much faster, and in the simplest cases, a new tooth can be installed even in 1 day;
  • when installing a ceramic crown, the natural teeth are shaved (prepared) much less than when installing a metal ceramic one
  • for ceramic crowns, an adhesive bonding method is used which is several times stronger than cement bonding;
  • dental ceramics do not stain gums and are resistant to dyes. The mere use of ceramic teeth reduces the risk of inflammatory process responses under the crowns.

The technology behind producing metal-free crowns:

In the manufacture of metal-free ceramics, the RICOTA clinic uses the one of a kind digital 3D technology CEREC. This discards the need for a traditional tooth impression. In fact, one or two dentist appointments are enough to get the perfect smile. Digital technology allows the creation of a metal-free ceramic crown from a whole piece of ceramics, giving it an ideal size, shape, texture and color.

The price of a metal-free crown

When paying for the cost of the ceramic crown, you choose a quick, long-lasting and the most aesthetically pleasing treatment result. The price depends on the type of metal-free crown. Pay in full or in installments for up to 6 months with PrivatBank or MONOBANK credit cards


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