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Briefly on tooth filling

Proper and regular oral care is the key to healthy and strong teeth in old age, as well as the absence of diseases and infections in the oral cavity throughout life. Teeth should be treated at the first signs of caries: yellow plaque and black dots on the surface of enamel. This rule applies both to the treatment of permanent teeth and to the treatment of primary teeth in children.

Dental filling has always been the main method of caries treatment . This is an effective way to restore the structure and function of the tooth affected by caries. In the process of filling, the doctor removes the affected tooth tissue and then applies the sealant. A professional, high-quality tooth filling helps prevent the occurrence of secondary caries or its spread through the oral cavity, because it covers all the areas where disease-causing bacteria could enter.

Benefits of dental fillings at the RIKOTA clinic

The main goal of our doctors is to preserve the structure and strength of your teeth, and in case of their damage – to restore the lost functions thoroughly. Therefore, we use the most modern photopolymer nano-hybrid composite sealants and special insulating sheets (dental dams).

Insulating sheets are needed to isolate the treatment area. They prevent secretion from entering the tooth during dental filling. This means that the seal will last you longer, and the probability of secondary caries in this case is minimal. The use of these insulating sheets also allows to discard the process of placing dental cotton rolls behind the cheek during the procedure, which makes the filling process for the patient much more comfortable.

What does the price of a dental filling depend on?

The price of the filling depends on how affected the tooth is and the number of existing treatment areas. Dental fillings in the RIKOTA clinic guarantee a long-lasting result and the absence of infections in the oral cavity. Welcome! We’re always happy to help.
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