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Home teeth whitening

Not all of us are lucky enough to have white teeth naturally. Coffee, smoking and the lack of hygiene influence badly the color of your enamel. Fortunately, contemporary esthetic dentistry offers a professional whitening of teeth which will provide you with a Hollywood smile!

In addition to in-office and home whitening there is an opportunity to whiten your teeth at home. Such type of whitening is called a home whitening/ During the check in at the RIKOTA dental clinic patient receives all the necessary materials and recommendations how to whiten one’s teeth at home. To whiten your teeth at home without any damage to the enamel we apply the gel Opalescence and caps which are produced for individual order. The process lasts from 7 to 28 days depending on the expectations of a patient.

What is necessary to know about whitening? First of all we should note that the procedure of whitening is safe and has no influence on the teeth structure. Teeth whitening is not a painful process. Some patients may feel sensitive to the procedure. It is allright. In such cases we apply additional gel dedicated to lessen the sensitivity.

Doctors of the RICOTA Clinic who perform the service:

Iryna Antishko

dental therapist, periodontist

Dentist-therapist Maxim Bregin

dental therapist

Khrystyna Dutchak

dental therapist

Yaryna-Mariia Nyz

children's dentist, dental therapist


У вартість входить консультація лікаря-стоматолога, зняття відбитків для виготовлення індивідуальних кап, відбілюючий гель, складання плану відбілювання відповідно до Вашого клінічного випадку. ВАЖЛИВО! У вартість відбілювання не входить професійна гігієна ротової порожнини, яка є обов'язковою перед курсом будь-якого відбілювання. Оплачуйте одразу або частинами до 6 місяців з картками ПриватБанк чи MONOBANK.

Нome Bleaching With Cap (2 Jaws)2 візити2 500 uah
Home whitening with cap (2 jaws) after office2 візити1 700 uah

Patients as a rule whiten their teeth only in the smile zone, but if you wish, we can conduct the procedure for all the teeth ridge.

Before the procedure of whitening you should consult the doctor who will have your teeth check and holds the hygiene of your mouth cavity and inform you whether you need to replace the filling and collets after the whitening since they are impossible to whiten.

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