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New! Packages

We have “all-inclusive” packages with a fixed price:

Diagnosis of a smile: computed tomography + scanning on a 3D model of the jaws + PSR test + 3D modeling of a smile + consultation + individual treatment plan1 visit (2 visits if necessary)208 uah /6 місяців з monobank (1250 грн)
All stages of dental implantation: implant + gum former + ceramic abutment + metal-free crown + guaranteefrom 2 to 5 visits9333 uah /6 місяців з monobank (56000 uah)

Cosmetic dentistry

We can to create your smile, your mood, your faith in yourself

Veneer + guarantee2 visits, 120 minutes + 90 minutes2500 uah /6 місяців з monobank (15000 uah)
Treatment with lingual braces (2 jaws)from 12 months1283 uah /6 місяців з monobank (7700 uah)

Diagnosis of the oral cavity

Trust the latest generation of 3D technologies in the world of dentistry

Smiles check up: doctor's consultation + assistance + PSR-test + photo protocol + smile design (if necessary) + preparation of a treatment plan + presentation of a treatment plan1 visit (if necessary 2 visits)550 uah
Online consultationremotely (1 hour)550 uah
Computed tomography (CT) Sirona1 visit650 uah
Orthophos SL digital X-ray1 visit650 uah
Comprehensive functional diagnostics: taking imprints + articulation examination + diagnostic models + digital diagnostics3900 uah
3D scan of the jaw1 visit650 uah

Dental treatment

Only the latest technologies. Only guaranteed results.

Professional oral hygiene (2 jaws): removal of dental plaque + tooth polishing, oral care training)1 visit, 60-90 min265 uah /6 місяців з monobank (1590 uah)
Periodontal treatment Laser, Vecto1 visit, 120 min650 uah
Closed curettage1 visit, 180 min2400 uah
ЗClosed currettage/SRP1 visit, 180 min650 uah
Implantation + prosthesis (ALL ON 4, one jaw) Neodent – Straumann Group®4 visits (8-10 days) + 4 visits (7-9 days)130000 uah
Tooth extraction1 visit, 60-150 minutes900 uah

Pediatric dentistry

Pediatric dentistry RIKOTA - No.1 in Lviv according to parents

Hygiene of temporary (milk) teeth1 visit, 45-60 min500 uah
Simple / complex removal of a temporary tooth1 візит, 30 хв350 - 750 uah
Відновлення анатомічної форми та функції молочного зуба за допомогою металевої коронки1 візит1600 uah


Comprehensive functional diagnostics

3 500 uah

the most detailed diagnosis

in just two visits

Impressions, articulation research, production of diagnostic models, digital diagnostics

Weekend tour

570 euro

combine rest with treatment in Lviv

diagnosis + accommodation

professional hygiene, whitening, diagnostics, 2 days stay in Grand Hotels for 2 persons, SPA, city tour

Hollywood Smile Package

5000 euro

combine rest with treatment in Lviv

veneers + accommodation

veneers for the whole jaw, 7 days accommodation in Grand hotels for 2 persons, SPA, city tour

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