Payment methods:

01 cash
02 MasterCard
03 Visa card
04 medical insurance treatment

Dental treatment

Professional oral hygiene (scaling and polishing, oral hygiene training)1 visit, 1 hour50 euro
Tooth coloured fillingfrom 59 euro
INLAY / ONLAYfrom 150 euro
Metal-free crownfrom 284 euro
Root canal treatmentfrom 60 euro
Periodontal treatment (supporting) (1 jaw ) Laser/Vector74 euro
Periochip using24 euro
Closed currettage / SRPfrom 20 euro
Implants Straumannfrom 384 euro
All-on-4, All-on-6, All-on-8from 4000 euro
Tooth extractionfrom 27 euro
Wisdom tooth extractionfrom 57 euro
Braces metal564 euro
Braces ceramic764 euro
Braces lingual4200 euro
Alignersfrom1000 euro

Cosmetic dentistry

Home teeth whitening caps84 euro
Teeth whitening (BEYOND system, 2 jaws)227 euro
Ceramic veneerfrom 2 visits450 euro
Lingual bracesfrom 4200 euro

Children`s dentistry

Temporary tooth filling32 euro
Temporary tooth extraction10 euro
Tooth fluoridation24 euro
Bite platefrom 74 euro


Articulatory system examination

117 euro

the most detailed diagnostics

only 2 visits

impression + diagnostic models + digital diagnostics

Weekend tour

570 euro

combine your vacation with treatment in Lviv

diagnosis + accommodation

scaling and polishing/ teeth whitening, 3D diagnostics, 2 days of accomodation in Grand Hotel, excursion

Package "Hollywood smile"

5000 euro

get a hollywood smile without leaving the hotel

veneers + accommodation

veneers, accommodation in Grand Hotel, SPA, excursion

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