Parodontology: the health of your gums Can I suffer from a gum disease?

They say that gum disease threatens only older people, but gum disease of different degrees of severity actually occurs in 70% of people, including children and pregnant women. For example, bleeding can be a sign of gums inflammation – gingivitis. If the treatment is not provided in time, the disease affects the tissues around the tooth and destroys them. After all, a tooth begins to get loose and then shed. No one wants to wake toothless, especially at young age. It is therefore necessary to check the state of not only your teeth, but gums as well. It is important!

Where do the problems with the gums come from?

The main cause of the gums disease is poor hygiene, when teeth accumulate a large amount of harmful microbes. Due to the improper care dental plaque and tartar are formed, that cause gums inflammation called gingivitis.

Gums inflammation may develop due to the malocclusion of teeth or dental bending. A variety of injuries, the incorrectly set fillings, crowns, poorly matched braces or dentures can cause injury to the gums and their inflammation.

How can gums disease be treated?

Do not forget that the best treatment is the prevention. So, if you notice bleeding of gums and bad breath, you should immediately improve dental hygiene and make an appointment with a doctor. If you ignore the initial stage, then you may need a surgery. At first sight, the most complicated treatment of gums should be carried out under the supervision of a professional dentist.

Remember, the treatment of parodontosis is rather complex and does not fully guarantee the complete cure. So, what is to be done? Dental clinics in Lviv can offer a very successful surgical treatment of parodontosis and with the use of non-surgical methods.

A great popularity has gained a laser treatment. A doctor quickly and painlessly solves many different problems, including gingivitis and parodontosis treatment. The main advantage of laser is the ability to efficiently destroy all bacteria in gingival pockets creating the best conditions for the restoration of damaged tissues and teeth. Laser is an effective method of treatment, even though it is only one procedure lasting 1-3 minutes. It is painless and does not cause any side effects.

You can undergo laser treatment at Rikota dental clinic in Lviv, which uses the latest equipment and quality materials. Paradontology treatment patients at Rikota dental clinic leave with a healthy and beautiful smile!

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