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Ceramic veneers


Frequently Asked Questions

Does it hurts?

Treatment is done under the sedation. The patient falls asleep for the duration of treatment and does not feel pain.

How long veneers can be used?

The average veneers life is about 15 years. However, with proper installation and care veneers can stay much longer.

Will it be noticeable that I have veneers?

The main feature of veneers – the maximum naturality. Good veneers – those that can be distinguished only by a specialist during inspection.

Will the bite change?

With the help of veneers in a number of cases you can solve bite problems.

Common myths about veneers

MYTH 1. Under the veneers teeth are spoiled

Under the veneers the tooth is not spoiled. For example, if a metal-ceramic crown is fixed on cement, which has the property of being washed away over time, the ceramic veneer is fixed adhesively, which makes it impossible to spoil.

MYTH 2. Veneers become dark by time

Chep composite veneers accumulate dyes. Ceramic veneers do not change colors.

MYTH 3. Veneers can be loosened

No. With proper work of a doctor, dental technician, quality materials and technology, the veneer is used for more than 15 years.

MYTH 4. You can put cheap veneers. Does it matter?

The price of veneers depends on the quality of the material, the skills of dental technician (aesthetics of veneers), the doctor, the technology of manufacturing. Usually at a low price offer you will have the composite veneers, which change the color, accumulate dyes and visible to others.

MYTH 5. I do not want veneers, I want lumineers

The veneer, which is installed without preparation, was called “lumineer”. A veneer with a preparation and a veneer without preparation – not two different services. This is one and the same veneer. The difference is only in the method of preparation for fixation (with preparation or without preparation), which is chosen depending on the clinical case and can be determined after detailed diagnostics.

Indications for installing veneers

The veneers will help to change your smile if you are:

  • not satisfied with the shape, enamel, color of the teeth;
  • have a problem with curves or too short teeth;
  • have a problem with wide interdental gaps;
  • have a the problem of so-called gunny smile;
  • have a problem of a weak tone of the skin and muscles of the lower part of the face.

With veneers you can get a Hollywood smile for just a few visits to a dentist. Ceramic veneers are thin plates (0,2-0,6 mm), which are fixed on the front surface of the teeth.The veneers will help to change your smile if you are:

Stages of installation of veneers in the clinic RIKOTA / RIKOTA

Before treatment:

  • CT
  • Scaning the jaw
  • Functional diagnostics
  • Modeling a future smile on a 3D printer according to your wishes (color, shape of teeth)
  • carrying out all necessary treatment before installing veneers

Installation of veneers:

  • Teeth preparation;
  • Installation of temporary veneers;
  • Fitting of finished veneers and fixing.

After installing veneers:

  • Care is no different from caring for your teeth
  • Every six months professional hygiene and inspection

* Preparation and fixing veneers can take up to 7-8 hours. In order for the patient to be as comfortable as possible to carry the entire procedure for the installation of veneers, we usually perform it in the state of a patient’s medical sleep (sedation)

Why choose a RIKOTA / RIKOTA clinic to install veneers?

28 years of experience. RIKOTA is a trusted clinic. Full cycle of digital dentistry. RIKOTA is one of the first clinics in Ukraine which starts using CAD / CAM technologies. Digital printing, simulation of a future smile with 3D printer, innovative materials: zirconium oxide, disilicate ceramics, glass ceramics. The clinic is the official partner of SIRONA, the world leader in digital technology in dentistry. The own dental laboratory allows to convey and discuss with the patient the process of manufacturing and installing veneers at all stages. The laboratory has experience in working with world-renowned dental technicians. More than 500 satisfied patients who have been installed veneers in the clinic RIKOTA / RIKOTA Principle of one door: all that is needed in the process of installing veneers is located in our clinic – from the tomograph to the dental laboratory, which saves you time and simplifies the treatment process.

RIKOTA / RIKOTA doctors who perform the installation of veneers

Ruslan Muzyka Olexa Tomyshch On our pages in social networks you can find many reviews and case studies: instagram facebook #рікота

Examples of works of the clinic RIKOTA / RIKOTA

  • Consultation

    350.00 ₴
  • Comprehensive functional diagnostics

    3200.00 ₴
  • Ceramic veneer (one tooth)

    11500.00 ₴