Aestetic dentistry

Art restoration


What creative profession do you know? Artist, sculptor, architect, designer…

We all believe that all-all professions are creative, but each in their own way. Dentists are also extremely creative people, which is why there is an artistic restoration of teeth. Just imagine how your teeth would looks like professional dentists would not be able to reproduce or select the right whitening color for your teeth or did them of inappropriate and unnatural forms. That is why, people who work in dentistry are none other than teeth artists.

What can artistic restoration of teeth do?

It is artistic tooth restoration that can restore the teeth with serious defects. For example, you can change the shape of teeth row, position of a teeth row, change the color of tooth enamel, reduce or remove the gap between the teeth.

Aesthetic restoration of teeth is singled out, as it allows restoring the natural color to the darkened enamel or recovering the chipped tooth.
Restoration of your teeth leaves them “alive” and functional.

Does cosmetic tooth restoration vary?

Thus, restoration can be direct or indirect.
Direct dental restoration technique will not take much time from you and is executed directly in a mouth cavity.

Indirect method of restoration in the laboratory creates layers or crowns, which then are placed on your teeth. This indirect method is a popular artistic restoration of teeth using the veneers.

“I just want to have beautiful front teeth. Is it possible?

Beautiful front teeth are something everyone can see, because we cannot stop to speak, eat and no doubt, nothing can make us not laugh. When your front teeth require much better – it does not matter: the restoration of front teeth can help you. Remember, not only a shell is important, but also what is inside. If only the front teeth need and require treatment and care, then the front teeth restoration is like sweeping the floor under the carpet.

Pricing for tooth restoration