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Metal free prosthetics


What is metal free ceramics?

If you are a very sensitive person and do not want to have metal in your body, then metal free ceramics is perfect for You.

It is a special type of ceramics of which dentures, crowns and veneers are made. Thanks to the extraordinary strength, dentures do not require a metal bridge to be set.

Metal free ceramics in dentistry is considered a breakthrough, because ceramics is a neutral material that does not affect the environment, unlike metal, which may produce substances and affect the tissues of a human body.

Metal free prosthetics: benefits and peculiarities

When people talk about something new in the industry that replaces the old one, advantages are obvious. It’s like comparing the old phones and smart phones.

The same can be said about dentistry: metal free ceramics has more “pluses” than metal ceramics, and namely:
– Extraordinary strength;
– Absolute safety for the organism;
– Great aesthetic beauty: metal-free ceramics looks the most natural;
– Lightness, because no metals are used.

Rikota dental clinic uses one of the most modern technologies of prosthetics – CEREC, developed at the University of Zurich. Dental tabs, veneers and crowns of high quality are used with this system.

Time saving and the ability to choose the best and most convenient form of dentures are among the advantages of CEREC methodology. Dentures of ceramics of high quality will be as solid and beautiful as your natural teeth.

Prices prosthesis

  • Ceramic INLAY/ONLAY

    from 6900.00 ₴
  • Metal free crown

    from 7500.00 ₴

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