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  • Life credo:

It is wonderful to have dreams and fantasies, to realize them is even more wonderful.

  • Education:

Kharkiv National Medical University 2011-2016

  • List of completed courses:

Apolonia “Artistic restoration of teeth” (Poltava 2017). Practical course of Vasiliy Karaschuk “Problem of access to root canals” (Kyiv 2017). Ihor Noyenko’s lecture “Secondary endodontics” (Kharkiv 2016). UAP Second Youth Congress (Odesa 2017) Ukrainian Endodontic Association. Course of lectures of the fifteenth international conference” by Oksana Shekera “Features of dental treatment of pregnant women from A to Z” (Kyiv 2018). Sense Education “Functional morphology in direct restoration” (Kharkiv 2019). Basic course on clinical photography by Yaroslav Solomiychuk. Big webinar by Viktor Shcherbakov “Distal restorations”.

  • Membership in professional organizations, associations, etc.:



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