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  • Life credo:

Do not stop there, help, because everything that is done is done for the better.

  • Education:

Higher medical. 2013-2018 Vinnytsia National Medical University. M.I. Pirogov.

  • List of completed courses:

Microimplants in orthodontics (October 28-29, 2020). Mediadent Ortho. Professional Oral Hygiene (March 15, 2020) Pro-Dent. Life-threatening conditions that may occur in the dentist’s office. Causes, warnings, immediate action (May 25, 2019) Maximus. Basic course “Recipes of orthodontic happiness” online. Orthoart. Advanced course “Modern protocols for the treatment of various pathologies of the dental system, the approach to the pathologies of 1,2,3 class, restoring the symmetry of the dentition (January 28-30, 2022). Orthoart.

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