Prosthetics: where can I get new teeth?

When natural teeth are damaged and cannot perform their functions or have a terrible look, you can get help from orthopedic doctors who perform dental prosthetics. It has become possible to replace teeth into new teeth analogs with the by developments and in the field of dentistry that is called orthopedic. Dentures facilitate the implementation of two main objectives: restoration of chewing function and improvement of cosmetic appearance.

Generally, there are three types of dentures: non-removable, semi-removable and removable prosthetics. Separate category belongs to implant prosthetics. If a person has decided on a replacement, he or she is certainly concerned with the type that would be best and most suitable for the situation.

If you need to restore a lost or deleted tooth and no contraindications occur, a dentist is most likely to recommend the implants. In case the implant prosthesis which, in your opinion, is too expensive, pay attention to its other features. Therefore, implants can serve for the rest of a person’s life if they are properly looked after. Other types of prostheses require the replacement in a few years and may cause additional problems.

Front teeth dentures require great attention to aesthetics as well as brief period of time. In this case, ceramics is more preferable, because it conveys the natural color of a tooth most accurately. Besides, ceramics does not cause allergies and is biocompatible.

If we consider removable prosthetics, then the most popular type of fully removable dentures here is plastic denture. It is made from nylon or acrylic plastic and is used for full or partial loss of teeth. This denture can be completely removable and rely on a jaw and gums, and can even be partially removable with fixing elements on the natural teeth.

Partial dentures are different from plastic dentures as the first have metal frames. Thanks to this skeleton, the prosthesis wearing becomes more comfortable and beneficial to diction or during meals. Removable prosthetics is a very effective solution in difficult cases.

How much does prosthetics cost?

Prices for prosthetics vary and depend on many factors: the material, the amount of work, the use of modern technologies. The more expensive materials, the higher price of the prosthetics.

Rikota dental clinic installs all types of dentures, removable dentures, fixed dentures, fixed prostheses on implants, crowns, veneers, inlays. Therefore you can find the best method for you at the prosthetics clinic in Lviv that will make your smile irresistible! And that can be provided by qualified specialists.

(ua) Нове у світі протезування

(ua) Для наших найвибагливіших пацієнтів, які ведуть активний спосіб життя та цінують свій час, ми пропонуємо унікальне ноу-хау – методику “3D’’ протезування CEREC. Це відмова від будь-яких тимчасових конструкцій та зняття відбитків. Одного візиту до стоматолога достатньо аби отримати ідеальну за розміром, формою та кольором Вашого зубного ряду коронку, вкладку або вінір.

Гарантією надійного протезування в нашій клініці є комбінація чинників: досвідчений лікар + кваліфікований зубний технік + сучасне устаткування + задоволений пацієнт = знак якості стоматологічної клініки «Рікота»!

Prices for prosthetics and orthopedics

  • Ceramic INLAY/ONLAY

    from 6900.00 ₴
  • Metal free crown

    from 7500.00 ₴