Implantation: “Let smile never disappear from your face”

Teeth can be lost for various reasons: age, injury, disease, insufficient oral hygiene. It is no problem to restore what is lost in the modern world as there is tooth implantation in Lviv and the clinics that set teeth implants.

What are dental implants?

You may say that you have heard of it but you do not know what it means. It’s all very easy! Dental implants can be called a copy of a real tooth, but it will serve you to the end of life. Dental implants consist of two parts: pin, mainly titanium or “cog” that reproduce the appearance of a tooth root and are “mounted” into your jaw bone; crown is an upper part of an implant that protrudes above the gums.

The advantages of dental implants

First of all, tooth implantation occurs exactly at the place of lost teeth without affecting healthy teeth. That is why this type of recovery is the best option, unlike the prosthesis when healthy teeth have t sacrificed in order to set a denture. Secondly, dental implants are set for the rest of life, because they are very strong. Crowns can only be replaced if you do damage them or they became darker. It is not common unless you cleave nuts teeth or chew sugarplums … But you will not do it, won’t you? Thirdly, it is very convenient and you do not need to fear that your charming smile “will vanish from your face” right away, and that can happen with dentures that are attached with special creams and gels. Fourth, teeth insertion using the implantation method means to fully replace a real natural root and improve aesthetic appearance. Teeth replaced have a completely natural look and can be distinguished only by a specialist.

“Is it suitable for everyone?"

Surgery of teeth implantation can be done to anyone regardless of age and the number of lost teeth. It does not matter whether you need one tooth or two rows of teeth.


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